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Best off-the-grid RVs

One of the reasons RVing is so attractive to many is the ability to escape everyday life and disconnect. While most RVs are equipped with some type of dry-camping necessities, there are few RVs that are designed to stay off-the-grid for extended periods of time. The below list of Winnebago RVs are designed with boondocking or dry camping in mind.

Winnebago Revel

First on our list of off-the-grid RVs is the Winnebago Revel. When you first see the Revel you can tell it’s designed for adventure and taking the road less traveled. The Revel is built on the Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter chassis and features On-demand 4WD with low range, electronic stability, and traction control. Designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind, the Revels unique floor plan provides all the necessities to live off-the-grid as well as a garage area to store all of your gear.

Aside from the rugged looks and 4 wheel drive, the Revel is designed to stay off-the-grid for extended periods of time. For 2021 the Winnebago Revel is now equipped with two 125-amp-hour Lithium-ion batteries and Xantrex 2,000-watt inverter. This provides enough power to run electrical service in the whole coach, including the Coleman air conditioner, refrigerator, and cooktop. A second under hood alternator is designed to fully recharge the batteries while driving, the Revel also comes standard with a solar panel/battery charger.

Another thing you will need if you plan on staying off-the-grid for any amount of time is water. The Revel comes standard with a 21-gallon freshwater tank and a 21-gallon gray tank. A Water center control panel located in the rear of the coach is all-new for 2021. This control panel is easy to use and allows you to fill, drain, and winterize the RV all from one location. Connection points for the exterior wash station are also located on the panel, this is perfect for washing off your gear or taking an outside shower after a day of adventure.

Overall the Winnebago Revel is a great RV if you love adventure and the outdoors. With many new features included for 2021, the Revel is better and more capable than ever before.

Winnebago Boldt

The Winnebago Boldt is a Class B motorhome that was first introduced in early 2020. The Boldt name is inspired by the boundless spirit of the German explorer and naturalist Alexander Von Humboldt. Like the Revel, the Winnebago Boldt is also built on the Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter, but uses the longer 170″ wheelbase chassis. While the Boldt comes standard with 2 wheel drive, an optional 4×4 chassis upgrade is available.

Like the Revel, the Boldt also features a lithium-powered battery system that allows you to spend more time off-the-grid. The Pure3 Energy Management System by Volta Power is slightly different than the one found in the Revel. The Volta system provides 12,800 watt-hours of clean, quiet power. A 3,600W Pure Sine Inverter provides 30 amp power to the entire coach, enough to run the air conditioner and other appliances.

Two 115-watt roof-mounted solar panels come standard, along with a junction box and plug for the ability to add an additional portable panel. Like the Revels system, the Volta Pure3 also has an available app to monitor the system, including estimated running time, pack temperature, and charging status.

Designed for all-season camping, the Boldt has many features that make it ready for any climate. The state-of-the-art insulation throughout the coach not only keeps the inside warm in the winter but also cool in the summer months. A Coleman Mach 10 air conditioner with directional vents quickly cools the interior of the coach and is ultra-quiet. When you are ready to take on the cold weather, the Truma Combi Eco Plus system will keep you warm. One of the biggest benefits of the Truma Combi Eco Plus system is it allows you to choose between gas or electric to run the furnace.

Overall the Winnebago Boldt has many of the same off-the-grid functions as the Revel. The Boldt is a little more luxurious and less rugged. The Boldt also has a more spacious interior as well as two floor plan options.

If you have any questions about any of our off-the-grid capable Winnebago RVs, give us a call at 1-800-265-9019. You can also view our Current Inventory to see all of our Winnebago models.