Keeping Your RV Rodent & Insect Free

Many travelers wonder what is the best way to prevent insects and other creatures from entering there RV’s. There have been many suggestions on different methods that claim to work (e.g:  Mothballs, Bar Soap, Fabric Sheets, and Peppermint Altoids) but there are other, more practical methods worth giving a try.

  1. Make sure you have removed all fruits and vegetables from the RV before storage. Rotting fruits and vegetables attract and produce all kinds of creepy crawlies.
  2. Remove all other food stuffs from your RV unless they are sealed in a can or bottle.
  3. Get rid of all standing water. If you have an Ice Maker in your RV’s fridge, make sure you empty the water out of it.
  4. Install Insect Screens on the exterior of your RV over the openings for your RV’s refrigerator, furnace and hot water heater.  This will prevent both insects and rodents from entering your RV through these exterior openings.
  5. Put plugs in all the sink drains; make sure the toilet seats are down. Cover the shower or bathtub drains.
  6. Turn off the propane at the tank, not only is this a safety tip, but it also stops little insects who love the smell of propane odorizer from congregating in the stove and fridge area. Believe it or not there does not have to be any leak of propane, these little critters somehow are able to detect it and are drawn to it like a moth is drawn to a flame.
  7. Make sure all windows, exterior doors and slideouts are tightly closed.


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