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Standard on all Airstream Interstate Touring Coaches.

Standard on Airstream Flying Cloud, Signature, Serenity and Classic Travel Trailers. Optional on Sports.

1. Protective Surface Layer

  • Protects product from stains and harmful effects of most harsh cleaners and everyday disinfectants.
  • Added durability for the life of the product.
  • Resistant to liquids.
  • Ease of care, low maintenance.


2. Topskin Layer

  • Unique polycarbonate resins engineered for maximum hydrolysis resistance.
  • Color infused to provide long lasting vibrancy.
  • Consistent grain retention.
  • Enduring strength.


3. MicroFoam Layer

  • Polycarbonate substrata engineered with a proprietary foam structure.
  • Layer provides added comfort and cushion.
  • High moisture transfer provides thermal comfort for cooling the body.


4. Substrate

  • Premium reinforced rayon fibers.
  • Woven for dimensional stability.
  • Superior foundation for highest performance.
  • Ease of upholstering and tailoring.


Features and Benefits of Ultra Leather Seating Surfaces!

Antimicrobial Protection

A naturally bonded EPA registered antimicrobial agent that is laboratory proven to reduce microbial growth.

Climate Control

Ultrafabrics surfaces are exceptionally resistant to the effects of temperature changes. Seating surfaces in the Airstream stay cooler to the touch in warm environments and resist stiffening and cracking in the cold.


Designed for maximum longevity, Ultrafabrics products are engineered from within and incorporate special strengthening components to exceed heavy-duty industry performance standards.

Easy To Clean

Ultrafabrics protective surface layer makes it a breeze to keep these surfaces looking their best. Most spills and stains clean easily using a mild detergent and clean water.

Ink and Stain Resistanct Technology

Enhanced ink and stain resistant technology offering the highest level of protection and ability to clean.

Kid and Pet Friendly

Remarkable durability plus stain resistance means you can invite the kids and pets along to enjoy the Airstream. Worry free!

Mildew Resistant

Special technology using an EPA registered agent built directly into Ultrafabrics High UV products resists mildew, keeping them fresh and luxurious in even the dampest and most humid conditions.

It’s Soft! Feels like butter…

Take time to feel the Ultra leather seating surfaces in the Airstream… They are inherently soft to the touch. Feels like butter!

Solar Endurance

The first polyurethane materials formulated to resist fading and spotting, Ultrafabrics high UV surfaces maintain their original beauty over extended periods of direct sunlight. They also exceed rigorous standards for light fastness. Airstreams last generations and so will the seating surfaces!

General Cleaning Instructions

One of the best ways to keep Ultrafabrics, LLC brand surfaces looking great is to properly maintain them by cleaning regularly to prevent excessive dirt from accumulating. Below is a general outline to help you keep your quality Ultrafabrics brand products looking their best.

Following these guidelines will help to extend the life of the fabric:

  • Clean regularly with soap and water
  • Wipe up spills as soon as they occur
  • Alcohol based cleaners such as Fantastik and Formula 409
  • Sanitize using disinfectants such as bleach (20%) water solution, hydrogen peroxide based, or quaternary based.
  • For stubborn stains, wipe the ┬ástain off with isopropyl (rubbing alcohol).

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