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2019 Airstream Classic

The World’s First Smart RV

The 2019 Airstream Classic is paving the way to the future of travel trailers. With the 2019 release, Airstream has become the first RV company to create a fully integrated mobile travel experience. The Classic is the flagship of the Airstream aluminum armada, offering outstanding storage capacity and lifestyle amenities — and that hasn’t changed with the 2019 model. The new direction for Airstream with the Classic is that you can still feel civilized even when you go off the grid. If you ever wished you could start the air conditioning in your trailer while you’re on your way back from a long hike, then the new 2019 Airstream Classic should excite you.

Airstream has created an app that you can download to your phone to control the new Airstream Classic. This year’s model will be available at the Hershey RV Show if you want to check out how the new fully integrated trailer concept works. Airstream has also teamed up with AT&T for 1 year of free unlimited mobile hotspot for your travel trailer.

The app will allow you to remotely control your camper’s most essential features from anywhere in the world. Let’s say you went down to the river for a swim and suddenly the wind has picked up and you can’t remember if you retracted the power awning. Instead of getting dressed, packing up your gear, and hiking back to basecamp — now all you need to do is dry your hands and press a button on your phone. You are on vacation after all.

With the 2019 Airstream Classic you’ll be able to monitor all the critical aspects of your trailer which should take away a lot of the guesswork when it comes to maintenance. The app enables you to control these areas of your trailer:
2019 Airstream Classic

  • See the brochure for the world’s first Smart RV
  • Smart RV tank levels

    Tank Levels

    • No more restless nights where you’re left pondering your tank levels. Now with the Airstream app you can monitor your fresh water and holding tank levels.
  • Smart RV Power Awning?

    Power awning

    • If you’re five miles away from your Airstream on an excursion, you can now safely secure your power awning. Simply press a button and remove that pain point that Airstreamers have had for years.
  • Smart RV Air conditioning

    AC & Heat Pump

    • Set the trailer to maintain the perfect temperature through your phone, so you’ll never need to worry about leaving the pets in the trailer while you’re away gathering supplies.
  • Smart RV geolocation services

    RV Geolocation Services

    • You can now locate your trailer! Wherever you may roam, where you left your Airstream is home. Sure, this takes some of the mystery away from long hikes, but who among us hasn’t gotten lost in the woods?
  • Smart RV Light Control


    • Turn on and off your trailers’ lights through the touch of a button. It might seem like an additional feature, but it can really add some peace of mind when you’re returning at the end of the night and illuminate your path. No more needing to jostle around with electronics and hoping you’ve directed the motion sensor in the right direction.
  • Smart RV Vent Fans

    Vent fans

    • Keep air flowing through your Airstream without worrying about using too much battery. You can simply keep the fan on for short half hour bursts, and you’ll always have a fresh trailer to return to.
  • Smart RV Battery Control

    Battery Voltage

    • Making the most use out of all of these features to sure going to make you paranoid about your battery level. Good thing Airstream thought of everything for the 2019 Classic travel trailer. You’ve been empowered to make gametime decisions at any time of the day with the battery voltage monitoring system.
  • Smart RV Propane control


    • You can easily check your propane levels so dinner is never late.
  • Smart RV Cinema Mode

    Cinema Mode

    • That’s right! Your trailer just got that much cooler by being able to turn on cinema mode. Besides making for an awesome picture next to the horizon, cinema mode is help you make sure that the vacation’s mood is always fun. Cinema mode will drop your curtains and open a large projector screen.

How Does the 2019 Airstream Classic Smart Control Work?

Wally Byam’s vision was to house all the commodities and amenities that consumers had become accustomed to having inside a travel trailer which they could bring on the road. Times have changed since Airstream’s birth, but the idea is still the same. The 2019 Airstream Classic will have the ability to fully connect to Wi-Fi and 4G LTE while you’re out on tour.

Some of your modern amenities demand a boosted Wi-Fi connection or a dedicated stream of 4G data when you’re far from home. It’s as simple as connecting your trailer to your internet connection, and now you’re fully connected. Does this diminish the concept of being off the grid when you’re boondocking? Maybe, but it’s not designed for those that want to stay hidden — it’s designed for regular families that want to make the most of their vacations.