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Colonial RV Blog: Your RV's Available Power
Through our RV Service, customers are always asking about the amount of appliances you can use in your RV.  The answer to this question depends on the amount of power coming from the campground. If the campground only has a 30 amp service available, an RV with 50 amp service will only be able to use 30 amps of service. Some campgrounds will only have a 15 amp service available, which is not enough amperage to run an air conditioner or a select few appliances.

The best way to know what appliances you will be able to use in your RV is to check in with the campground ahead of time. There are special adaptors in which you will need to use different services. If you have a 30 amp power cord, and the campground only offers a 50 amp service, you will need an adapter. If you have a 50 amp service and the campground only offers a 30 amp service, you will need an adapter. These adapters are available through our parts department here at Colonial RV.

For your convenience, we have listed each appliance and the amount of amperage it generally draws.


Roof Air Conditioner (Start-up)                  18 amps

Roof Air Conditioner (Continuous)           13 – 15 amps

Convection Microwave                                  16 amps

Electric Water Heater                                     10 amps

Microwave                                                          10 amps

Converter 55 Amp Output                           5 – 13 amps

Space Heater                                                     10-15 amps

Washer/Dryer                                                  10 amps

Refrigerator                                                       3 – 4 amps

TV or VCR                                                           1 amps

Hair Dryer                                                           9 amps

110 Volt Light                                                    1 amps

Curling Iron                                                        3 – 4 amps

Toaster (2 slice)                                                7 – 13 amps

Coffee Maker                                                      7 amps

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