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Winnebago Tribute
They Won American’s hearts…Super Bowl I, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band & Winnebago’s famous “Eyebrow” RV.  The year then was 1967 and 47  years later if only the Packers, Ringo & Paul could look as GOOD as the all NEW 2015 Winnebago Tribute!  That’s right it’s back baby, the unforgettable “BROW” is rolling again and flashing it’s classic Retro exterior look in either Tobacco Road, Bell Bottom Blue or Aquarius exterior paint scheme.  Partnered with a modern & luxury interior and amenities the all new Tribute will certainly bring you forward for years to come…..

Here at Colonial we are a top volume dealer and currently stock both the 26A and 27B floor plans.  The Ultimate FAMILY FUN RV has been reborn as Winnebago® ignited once again the motorhome craze from the late ’60s.  Looking over this RV there are amenities with a new Modern look that the kids will love, a price tag to make you smile and a floorplan that will excite your Dad, Uncle Tom and even Great Grandpa Jim to want to hold the keys and get behind the wheel!   The Itasca Tribute is certainly a testament to mix rich history and your bright future in the motorhome lifestyle.  Hey, did you hear that? It’s your new I-Phone 6 vibrating in excitement as it knows you are going to take another “selfie” out in front of your all new Tribute!

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