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Have you ever forgotten to empty your water tank after a trip? If you answered yes, you may know about the stale smell that stagnant water can develop after sitting in a tank for an extended period of time. It is always recommended to empty fresh water tank and water heater when not in use for an extended period of time. Listed below are detailed instructions to sanitize your freshwater system.

This is a good idea to do once a year, when your RV has been sitting for a month or longer, or anytime your water tastes stale or has an odor. Sanitizing is a must, even if you have a filter, because a filter does not purify and will not kill bacteria.

Sanitize Your Water:

1. Drain your water system (fresh water tank, hot water tank, water lines). DO NOT drain your water heater when the system is hot or under pressure, wait for it to cool.

2. Add ¼ cup bleach or chlorine for every 15 gallons of water your fresh tank holds and mix with water. Pour it in fresh water tank and fill completely with water. (NEVER add straight bleach to your tank.)

3. Turn the water pump on and open all faucets to run water through lines and appliances until you smell bleach at end of each faucet. Then turn faucets off.

4. Let it sit 12 hours, and then drain the entire system.

5. Refill tank with water and run through all faucets until the bleach smell is gone.

6. Repeat step 5 if needed.

7. Change your water filters.

Use a Filter:

Filters are a great way to help clear your water of contaminates like rust or sand, and will also improve taste and odor of your water. There are many types of canister or in-line filters to choose from. If your RV came with a filter from the factory, simply bring your existing filter in and we can give you a replacement.

Sanitizing will guarantee fresh and safe drinking water for you and your family. As with any part of your rig, maintenance is a must — and water that is dirty or hazardous to your health isn’t a choice when it comes to a successful camping trip.

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