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“ARE WE ALMOST THERE?”,  “I’m hungry”, or my personal favorite- “STOP touching me!!”.  We have all been there and from behind the wheel there is nothing more enjoyable right? haha…. it’s times like this which call for a little prayer of “Serenity now”.   Well your prayers can be answered and they do exist on six-wheels! Yes the stress of RV travel is ancient history and thanks to Winnebago Industries there actually is a family approved, modestly-priced, full-featured Class C fully loaded coach -Welcome to the Itasca Spirit Silver 31HP!   It is the diamond in the rough, and owning this motorhome will enable you to bring the entire family and still rest comfortably with generous sleeping spaces, including a private bedroom and cab overhead bed.  The Silver package also is complimented by a large living area with available HDTV and a DVD player which provides plenty of opportunities for fun and relaxation to satisfy all ages.  Now for the best part, the 31HP comes with bunk beds and both have their very own 19″ HDTV and RCA inputs for what ever gaming the kids are in to.  Best of all, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your Itasca Spirit is built with the SuperStructure® construction that only comes from Winnebago Industries.® Wait no longer and come test drive your Spirit Silver 31HP today and you will find your entire family calling for another Coast to Coast “ROAD TRIP“!!   You can actually enjoy the LONG WAY home now since the “Are we almost there?” and “Stop touching me” are things of the past!

 Itasca Spirit Silver-Class C Motorhome

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