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If you are using your recreational vehicle in the winter months, you may experience moisture buildup on the interior of your RV.  The moisture created from daily activities such as breathing, cooking or showering can result in moisture on surfaces such as window frames, glass, or interior walls. This is normal. There are a few ways to combat moisture generated by these daily activities. Essentially what you want to do is vent or circulate the airflow throughout the RV to reduce the amount of hot air inside.

The best way to prevent condensation is to avoid introducing excessive moisture into the air. Run the range hood or ceiling vents when cooking and use the bathroom vent when showering.  Additionally, it may be necessary to keep a roof vent open slightly to provide extra ventilation. Another option is to purchase a dehumidifier.  The size of the RV and the amount of cooking, showering and proper ventilation would warrant different size dehumidifiers, dehumidifying pads or hanging products.

By being mindful of how much moisture you generate in colder weather will greatly reduce the need or necessity of a dehumidifier for your trailer or RV.


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