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Since 1931, the progression of the Airstream has truly been amazing. The different styles, floor plans, and decors have all evolved so much since the very first one. What’s equally as impressive, thanks to our viewers, is the progression and growth of our Colonial Airstream YouTube Channel! We’ve just reached 8,890 subscribers and 8,169,749 total views!

Patrick Botticelli, Colonial Airstream Sales Representative, has gone above and beyond creating quality walkthrough and demonstration videos to better educate our customers. These videos were made to answer any questions new Airstream owners may have, without having to pick up the phone or make the trip to Colonial Airstream in Lakewood, New Jersey.

The first video is a demonstration of the Airstream International Ocean Breeze and boy do we see a difference! Take a look for yourself as we compare this video with one of Patrick’s newer videos of a walkthrough on an Airstream International Serenity. We hope you enjoy, and please do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to watch us continue growing!

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