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We all know it is important to have clean water while camping. Showering, cooking, washing dishes… all of these things play a major role in having a successful trip in your RV. Something you may not know is, regardless of use, it is recommended to replace your water filter every year.

Many RV’s come equipped from the factory with a water filter installed “in-line” with your plumbing system. What this means is, there is a water line coming into your galley faucet… between that line and your faucet there is a water filter installed to filter the water coming out of your galley faucet.

On the other hand, some RV’s do not come equipped with water filters. If you wish to use a water filter there is a very easy solution. You can install an “in-line” water filter on the exterior of your RV. You will install this at the end of the hose coming from the campgrounds water supply. The other end of the water filter will then be attached directly to your city water inlet on the exterior of your RV. The advantage to this is, the water is filtered before it reaches any and all of your water bases appliances, such as your shower, water heater and sinks.

(See pictures Below).

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