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2018 Airstream Tommy Bahama travel trailer

2018 Tommy Bahama Relax Edition

Tommy Bahama Travel Trailer

Airstream Tommy Bahama Special Edition Travel Trailer

Airstream Tommy Bahama® Special Edition Travel Trailer

Whether the weekend adventure means a cross-country surfing safari or a romantic getaway to the Keys, travelers will get there in the relaxed style made so iconic by Tommy Bahama® and Airstream. These two uniquely American brands have teamed up to make casual ease of both the journey and the destination. Climb aboard. The beach beckons.

Travel Trailer At a Glance:

  • Exterior Length and Width: 28’ x 8’ 5.5”
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 4
  • Specialty Features: Rear sport hatch for immersive views and easy loading/unloading of oversized equipment such as bikes or kayaks; breezy, island-inspired Tommy Bahama®
    décor and accessories; queen-size bed outfitted with Tommy Bahama® bedding.
  • Each trailer will come equipped with a Tommy Bahama® accessory kit.
  • MSRP: $114,600


Airstream and Tommy Bahama® have come together to create an enticing interior space of relaxed sophistication, with no detail left unattended. Inside each new Special Edition Coach and Trailer, a refined combination of sumptuous comfort and superb craftsmanship await– from plush cushions covered in soft, rich fabric to gleaming finishes and hardware. It’s a carefree, comfortable space where travelers can feel as if they’re experiencing the never-ending weekend of their dreams.

  • The interior lines are sleek and impressive, in the tradition of iconic Airstream and Tommy Bahama® designs.
  • Seating offers soft, comfortable support, expertly finished in warm, luxurious fabrics.
  • Hardware and appliances are polished to gleaming perfection.
  • Counters and tables are topped in rich, hand-rubbed hardwood veneers.<?li>
  • Everywhere the eye turns, the quality of American craftsmanship is evident. Drawers pull out smoothly. Cabinetry and systems are seamless.
  • Shelving and tables are perfectly positioned for convenience and comfort.
  • Bedroom spaces are seductively inviting, with snu g, soft linens in Tommy Bahama® beach and island inspired palette.

Tommy Bahama Travel Trailer Floor Plan


Tommy Bahama Touring Coach


Airstream Tommy Bahama Special Edition Interstate Touring Coach

Airstream Interstate Tommy Bahama® Special Edition Touring Coach

From Catalina to Key Biscayne, the palm-lined boardwalks are ready for travelers to arrive in style. With Airstream and Tommy Bahama®, two iconic American brands come together for the first time to create this sleek, Special Edition Touring Coach.

In this breathtakingly striking Special Edition, every journey epitomizes an easy and casual – yet subtly sophisticated lifestyle. The destination is relaxation. They get there in luxurious comfort with two floorplan options.

Interstate Lounge EXT Touring Coach At a Glance:

  • Exterior Length and Width: 24’ 4.5” x 6’ 7.7”
  • Seating Capacity: 3-9
  • MSRP: $156,611

Interstate Grand Tour EXT Touring Coach At a Glance:

  • Exterior Length and Width: 24’ 4.5” x 6’ 7.7”
  • Seating Capacity: 2-7
  • MSRP: $156,611
  • Each touring coach will come equipped with a Tommy Bahama® accessory kit.

Tommy Bahama Touring Coach Floor Plan