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The New All-Electric Winnebago RV Concept

Winnebago has just announced an all-electric RV concept called the eRV. This model uses the Ford Transit chassis for the basis of the concept and is equipped with an electric motor and 86.0-kWh battery pack. This new eRV has an estimated driving range of 125 miles per charge.

Inside you’ll find all the amenities your are accustomed to in Winnebago RVs, including a Kitchen, wetbath, bed, and more. The interior features environmentally friendly materials such as recycled cork-rubber flooring and woolen wall appliqu├ęs for wall insulation.

For right now, the e-RV is only a concept and Winnebago says that as battery technology evolves there’s a potential for additional range. The eRV features an onboard charger that is capable of charging the battery at home, public charging stations, or while plugged into shore power at a campground. According to Winnebago, the eRV can charge up in about 45 minutes using a high-speed public charging station.

More details about the Winnebago Industries all-electric concept motorhome will be released soon. Click the button below to begin receiving ongoing updates.