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If you didn’t already know, winterizing your unit is very important.  Caring for your plumbing, fixtures, and tanks ensure amazing camping trips for years to come.  Along with your year round tire care, making sure you winterize at the proper time and in the proper way can save spring time headaches. These headaches include having to replace hot water heaters, water pumps, water filters, cracked fittings and/or plumbing lines.  There are two standard ways to winterize, blowing out your lines with pressurized air or pumping antifreeze throughout the system.  At Colonial RV we prefer the latter to ensure antifreeze reaches every appliance, fitting, and plumbing line.

Going on fall trips can be refreshing and enjoyable, but keep in mind some exterior components are subject to wind chill while in transit. Even though outside temperatures may be above freezing, the plumbing lines, tanks and valves that are exposed underneath the RV are also exposed to the wind chill. Make sure to winterize before towing or driving through cold weather.

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