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Winnebago Touring CoachERA

General Facts:

2009 – The Winnebago ERA is first introduced with 5 cylinders and a 154 horsepower engine. The models available were the 70X and 70R in 24’ and 22’ lengths…(170” wheelbase) 

Winnebago is the largest user of Mercedes-Benz Sprinters in North America and they produce more Sprinters than all of the other motorhome manufacturers in the world – COMBINED (66%)..

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis is produced in Dusseldorf, Germany and imported through the Baltimore harbor, then railed to Forest City, Iowa…

The cab chassis is produced in Ludwigshafen, Germany and also imported through the Baltimore harbor…

All other US Mercedes-Benz Sprinter manufacturers (including FedEx and UPS) receive their chassis differently… After production they first move to the Mercedes plant in Bremerhaven, Germany. There they have the body/chassis separated then shipped in parts through the Charleston, South Carolina port then to each plant for assembly in US and Canada.. Winnebago receives their chassis whole since they are a free trade zone in Forest City, Iowa. 

2012 – The first year the ERA 70X became available in 3.0L, 188 horsepower/ 325lb-ft of TORQUE with 5 speed Automatic -“Tip Shift” transmission 

2013 – Winnebago releases the ERA 70A –NEW FLOORPLAN…

2015 – Winnebago releases the ERA 70C – NEW FLOORPLAN…

2016 – The Sprinter chassis now comes modernized with new 20,000 mile oil interval changes for the engines.  Winnebago has updated all ERA models to include the all new Mobile Eye Collision Warning System, side & rear screening, exterior LP accessory connection point & stylish Cab mats..

The Winnebago’s class C (Navion/View) and class A (Reyo/Via) are also produced on the popular Mercedes-Benz Sprinters!

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