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From the exterior shell to the interior cabinetry Airstream builds quality in every Airstream trailer. The next time you are in an Airstream lift up the bed top for a cut-away view of the construction techniques. You will quickly see first-hand that Airstream’s cabinetry is made using 13mm and 18mm Lite Ply material fastened with screws instead of staples. As you walk through the trailer, tap on the interior panels to test the integrity. Your eyes and ears will confirm, Airstream’s furniture is rock solid.

Walking through the Airstream plant, one commonly sees furniture standing upright as it awaits to be installed by skilled factory workers.  The 13mm and 18mm panels deliver the strength for Airstream’s cabinetry to be self-supporting. Other manufactures commonly use 1/8″ paneling that lacks the strength to support its own.

Airstream trailers are built just like an aircraft. Craftsman build the shell first and then hand scribe all cabinetry into its final position. This process unique to Airstream, delivers a quality trailer that will last generations.

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