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Airstream Basecamp X

Of course, by now you know that if you’re a thrill seeker, then the Airstream Basecamp is the travel trailer for you. Not only does the Airstream Basecamp combine the best features of a smaller camper and a long term travel trailer, but it also offers room for you to use the Bambi as a toy hauler. One of the great things is that the Basecamp is easy to maintain. If the regular Basecamp is able to do all of that for you then why should you consider the Airstream Basecamp X?

What is the Airstream Basecamp X?

Airstream calls the Basecamp X a package which elevates your trailer to the next level. Its purpose is to take you further off the grid so that you can get deeper into nature. The package increases departures angle and durability with your small toy hauler, so that you’re protected and ready for any terrain.

What’s Included With the Package?

The package includes:Airstream Basecamp X for Sale

The package is clearly aimed at seasoned travelers. If you’d like to haul your mountain bike up to the top of the Catskill Mountains then the Airstream Basecamp X option might be for you. Additionally, if you are worried about the bottom of your travel trailer scraping the road as your travel, be it because you’re moving through uneven terrain, then the Airstream Basecamp X is for you.

Basecamp X Pricing

The Basecamp X is an option for the Airstream Basecamp classic travel trailer, so you just need to add on the $2,700 package cost to the price of the Basecamp. The Airstream Basecamp starts at $36,900 MSRP, and will cost around $39,600 with the Basecamp X add on package. There are also additional add-on packages for the Basecamp, including a 160 watt solar system for $2,000 and an AC with heat-striping for an additional $1,100. These options together will help you stay comfortable with the temperature of your unit and how much power you’re running to power that AC. You should also consider the microwave for an additional $200.

The best part of this package is the Solar Window Guards and the Stainless Steel rock guards. They are going to add more value to your travel trailer which is important to anyone considering trading their Airstream in, in a couple of years. Basically, when you take your trailer off the grid as far as the Basecamp lets you, some problems could arise. Namely, more rocks get kicked up from your vehicle’s tires. The Basecamp X package is going to help protect your investment for longer and all you to keep your Airstream Basecamp looking new!