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2019 Airstream Basecamp

Lightweight and towable with an SUV. Comfortably seats five and sleeps two. Just as comfortable in the campsite as it is off the beaten path. The new Basecamp packs everything you need into one versatile trailer that’s ready for anything this wide world has to offer. The Basecamp has stay pretty much the same throughout the years, but the 2019 does have some new features for buyers.

2018 Basecamp vs the new 2019 Airstream Basecamp

Some of the new features of the 2019 Basecamp are the new decor palettes, including the new Glacier Lake color theme. The flooring is now available in colors and it will be available in the matching decor palettes. Since the Basecamp is all about taking on challenges in nature, the Basecamp comes with heavy-duty stabilizer jacks. Airstream also put the next generation entry door with the security latch on it. Before then, it’s been the old latches and seals. Most excitingly, there is the new Airstream Basecamp X package. We’ve written an entire article on the new Basecamp X option for you to catch up on the latest release.

Hitch up and go.

Basecamp’s compact, lightweight design opens up all sorts of possibilities. Head out to the frozen tundra. Spend a week in the blazing desert. Pack up and go anywhere you please, with nothing holding you back.

  • Towable with a variety of mid-size SUVs
  • Overall compact size makes driving and towing easier
  • Aggressive departure angle allows you to tackle more roads with confidence
  • Aerodynamic design increases fuel efficiency
  • Large wheels and tires help tackle rougher terrain and cold-weather driving
  • Side skirts and wheel flares help prevent damage from gravel and debris

Utility and beauty travel well together.

In true Airstream fashion, Basecamp blends sound structure, hard-working features, and clean design together seamlessly. From the classic aluminum aerodynamic outer shell to the smart and streamlined interior, Basecamp is every bit as beautiful as it is strong and efficient.

Check out Patrick’s 2018 Basecamp walk-through video!