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2021 Winnebago Revel Updates

The Revel 4×4 is the most off-road capable RV offered by Winnebago and has been one of the most popular Class B vans since its introduction. Built on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis with an on-demand 4WD system and all-terrain tires, the Revel is ready to take you places most RVs don’t dare to go. The 2021 model has received many new upgrades to make this already great RV even better than before.

Xantrex Lithionics

One of the biggest changes for 2021 is the introduction of a lithium-ion battery system. The new system includes a Xantrex 2,000-watt inverter and dual lithium-ion batteries that provide 3,200-watt hours of energy. This system allows you to run the air conditioner and refrigerator without the need for a generator, or to be plugged into shore power. If you plan on 4-season camping, heat pad wraps with automatic thermostatic controls surround the battery system to keep them warm in the colder months.

The entire system is very user friendly and easy to use. An available Battery Management System app allows you to see the current charge level, voltage, amps, wattage, and much more all from your smartphone.


A new décor option called ‘Intrepid’ is available for 2021 in addition to the ‘Gravity’ that was previously offered. The Intrepid décor has dark blue Ultraleather seating with light gray accents, Pewter/Silver Spring cabinetry, blue/gray bedding, and dark gray countertops. The 2021 model also features a new heavy-duty vinyl flooring. The flooring features a coin pattern that provides more durability and added grip.


The galley has been improved for 2021 and includes a portable induction cooktop, unlike previous years that had mounted to the countertop. The portable cooktop easily moves and can be used to cook outside the RV. With a new larger countertop extension and the removable cooktop, the 2021 Revel has more counter space than ever before.

The exterior flip-down table extends from the galley to provide additional outdoor counter space. The table has been updated from the previous generation that used a table leg to now being held by a cable, this provides easier setup especially on uneven terrain.


For 2021 the Revel comes equipped with a larger Nova Kool refrigerator. In years past users often expressed concern about the lack of access to the refrigerator from outside the RV. The refrigerator has now been turned to face the front of the coach allowing easy access from both inside and outside the motorhome.


An improved bench seat now includes one 3 point safety belt and one lap belt. An additional storage compartment has also been added to the floor below as well as storage behind and under the bench. The dinette table has also been changed for 2021 to a pedestal style dinette compared to the previous version that was a fold-down.


The 2021 Revel features new and improved cabinetry that is designed to be lighter and stronger than previous generations. The latch hardware has also been changed to the popular Slam Latch style typically found in the marine industry. These new latches provide great functionality and a solid feel.

Rear Garage

Some changes have been made to the rear garage area for 2021. One of the first things you will notice is the compartments above each wheel well. The driverside compartment houses the lithium battery system with a small storage area below. The passenger side is where the freshwater tank is now located. This prevents freezing and is better for all-season use. A Nautilus Freshwater Manifold System is located in the rear with control valves, connection points, and exterior wash station. Additional storage has also been added under the Power Lift Bed and includes molded pockets and zip storage.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the 2021 Winnebago Revel, give us a call at 1-800-265-9019. You can also view our Current Inventory to see all of our Winnebago models.