Best RVs for going off-the-grid

Best off-the-grid RVs One of the reasons RVing is so attractive to many is the ability to escape everyday life and disconnect. While most RVs are equipped with some type of dry-camping necessities, there are few RVs that are designed to stay off-the-grid for extended periods of time. The below list of Winnebago RVs are [...] Read more


Winnebago Vita: 24F vs. 24P

Winnebago Vita: 24F vs. 24P The Winnebago Vita is a class C motorhome similar to the Navion but with a list of new best in class features at a more affordable price point. The result is a compact and easy-driving motorhome that’s perfect for solo travelers, couples, or families who want to experience the freedom [...] Read more


Exploring the Winnebago Navion Floor Plans

Winnebago Navion Floor Plans The Winnebago Navion has been one of the most popular and fuel-efficient Class C motorhomes for years. For 2020 the Navion is built on the all-new Mercedes Benz Sprinter VS30 chassis and is loaded with many new features. The 2020 & 2021 Navion is available in 3 unique floor plan options, [...] Read more


Preseason RV Checklist

Preseason RV Checklist Springtime has always been the time to get your RV ready for the upcoming camping season. Before you hit the open road, it is important to go over your RV to avoid any surprises during your camping season. With warmer weather here, now is a great time to check a few key [...] Read more


First Look: 2021 Winnebago Solis

First Look: 2021 Winnebago Solis The 2021 Solis is an all-new Class B camper van from Winnebago. From the mountains to the beach, the Solis is designed to adapt to any adventure and any budget. Below are some of the main features that make the Solis a great motorhome for any adventure big or small. Ram [...] Read more


Top 10 Big Cities For Nature Lovers

10 Exhilarating Destinations That Combine City Life With Natural Splendor If you're seeking the excitement of a big city, combined with the invigorating energy of the great outdoors, check out these 10 destinations. You don’t necessarily have to make alternate trips to get the best of both worlds. Using city data — like combined ParkScores [...] Read more