Pure3 Lithium Energy System

Pure3 Lithium Energy System The Pure3 Energy Management System by Volta Power Systems ­­is the most powerful and easy-to-use lithium systems in the RV industry. Now you can spend time more time off the grid and less time being connected to shore power. The Pure3 Energy Management System is available on both the Winnebago Travato [...] Read more


Local Guide: Hiking and Biking

Local Guide: Hiking and Biking Did you know that we have many hiking and biking destinations all within less than an hour drive of Colonial RV? Whether you are picking up your new RV, stopping in for service, or are local to the area, these trails are a great way to get out and enjoy [...] Read more


Share Your Story – Inspire Adventure

Share Your Story At Colonial RV, we love to see people getting out and enjoying life in their motorhomes. We've recently created a central hub where our fellow world explorers can share their stories and follow each other's adventures. We aim to share the RV lifestyle with the world. What better way than with you, [...] Read more


Tips & Info On Your RV’s Available Power

Tips & Info On Your RV's Available Power Through our RV Service, customers are always asking about the amount of appliances you can use in your RV.  The answer to this question depends on the amount of power coming from the campground. If the campground only has a 30 amp service available, an RV with 50 [...] Read more


Routine Engine Maintenance Checklist

Routine Engine Maintenance ChecklistMaintenance Checklist A simple under-hood inspection before your next trip is an inexpensive and simple way to prevent engine wear or damage. Below are some crucial items to check in order to keep your motor running smoothly and avoid costly repairs. 1. Engine oil One of the most important fluids to check [...] Read more


Whats New: 2020 Winnebago Revel

2020 Winnebago Revel The Revel is the most off-road capable Winnebago RV, designed specifically for those who love the outdoors and adventure. The rugged exterior, 4 wheel drive, and rear Power Lift Bed is what makes the Revel one of our most popular selling models. For 2020 the Revel is better than ever, built on [...] Read more