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What’s the Difference?

If you are new to the RV world hearing about different “Class” motorhomes can be confusing. There are three main classes of motorhomes to consider when buying: Class A, Class B, and Class C. While they share many of the same features, there are a few main differences between each class.

Class A

Class A motorhomes are the easiest to identify, they are usually shaped like a bus and are built on a Ford F53 or Maxum Chassis. They range in length from 28’5″ like the Winnebago Adventurer all the way up to the 43’3″ Winnebago Horizon. Class A motorhomes offer a large living space due to their multiple slide-outs and are great for sleeping large families. Class A motorhomes are typically more luxurious with features like fireplaces, large kitchen, bathroom, master bedrooms, and ample storage.

Class B

Next up are Class B motorhomes. These are built on a van chassis, such as the Mercedes Sprinter and Ram Promaster. Class B motorhomes are some of the most popular, and include models like the Winnebago Revel and Travato. The drive quality is similar to a car or SUV and is the easiest to park. Class B still have all the features that you would expect in a larger motorhome such as a bathroom, shower, and kitchen. The only drawbacks to a Class B is a smaller living space and less storage.

Class C

Class C motorhomes are in between Class A and Class B in terms of size. They are typically built on a Mercedes Sprinter Chassis such as the Winnebago Navion or Vita, or a Ford Chassis like the Winnebago Spirit. One distinct feature to easily identify a Class C motorhome is the overcab sleeping area. Most Class C motorhomes feature slide-outs making for a larger living area as well as more storage compared to a Class B. Class C motorhomes sleep 4-6 people and range in size from 25′-35′ in length.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a Class of motorhome is what will fit your needs the best. Are you traveling solo? — a Class B could be sufficient. If you have a large family, a Class A may be better suited. We hope this information can clear any confusion and help in choosing what is right for you. If you have any questions concerning Class A, Class B or Class C motorhomes please contact us below!