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Winnebago Revel Battery System Operation

One of the biggest updates to the 2021 Winnebago Revel is the introduction of a lithium-ion battery system. The new system allows you to run the air conditioner and refrigerator without the need for a generator, or to be plugged into shore power. The entire system is very user friendly and easy to use, below we will cover how to operate the system.

Turn batteries on

The Xantrex battery switch is located above the back of the dinette on the wall. Flashing lights on the panel indicate that the batteries are charging. Depending on the state of the batteries, the lights will flash in different sequences. Rapid flashing indicates the battery is using reserve power and should be re-charged.

Charging Battery System

Driving – Do not turn the batteries off while vehicle is on. There is a one minute delay between starting the engine and the alternator engaging. The alternator will engage and charge the batteries when they are between 12.8v and 13.1v. The alternator stops charging once the house batteries have shown sustained voltage of 14.2v.

Shore power – Make sure the batteries are turned on and plug in to shore power to charge using the 30amp connection on the outside of the coach.

Solar – With the batteries on, ensure the solar disconnect switch is turned to the on position. This switch is located between the Xantrex battery switch and the Zamp solar controller on the wall behind the dinette. The 215w Zamp solar panel is a trickle charger to help keep batteries topped off.

Download The Lithionics App

Search in the App Store or Google Play store “Lithionics Battery Monitor” and download the free app. The batteries can be monitored through the app after being connected via Bluetooth.


The inverter disconnect switch must be turned on to allow the batteries to be charged through shore power. Generally, this switch should remain in the “on” position at all times. The disconnect switch is located on the rear most panel on the driver side in the back of the coach near the floor (picture A). To activate the inverter to use the outlets or A/C, turn the inverter on at the panel located above the solar controller on the wall behind the dinette (Picture B)

Low Power

When the batteries shut down due to low charge, they can be turned back on in “reserve” to operate the coach, but should be recharged before they shut down again. Reserve is the last 10% of the batteries’ capacity. Running through the reserve power to shut down again is abusive to the batteries.

Cold Weather Use

Turning off – If the coach is going to be stored in cold weather, it’s best to have the system charged 50% or more.

Temperature of batteries – The batteries are equipped with heating blankets to warm them in cold temperatures. There’s a switch in the battery compartment to turn them on and off. Use this switch to control battery temperatures when in cold weather. The blankets are thermostatically controlled when on. The blankets start heating when the temperature sensor is 35°F and will turn off when it reaches 45°F. Below 0°F, batteries will not charge or discharge. Plug into shore power. Warm the batteries up manually (space heater, park in a heated building, etc). When the batteries warm above 0°F, the heating blankets will take over warming the batteries. Between 0 and 32°F the coach can be operated on battery power, but batteries will not take a charge. Use the heating blankets to warm the batteries above 32°F to resume charging.

If you have any questions regarding the Xantrex battery system in the 2021 Winnebago Revel, give us a call at 1-800-265-9019.