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RV Solar Installation

RV Solar & 12 Volt Outlet Install

Colonial RV’s Parts and Service departments perform custom installs on a day to day basis. One of the most popular installs here are RV solar installations. Each install is a little different, depending on the application. Below we explain what the customer’s needs and wants were and how we went about meeting their goals. RV Solar will help you charge your “house” batteries sustainably and provide you the maximum life out of your battery; some eco-friendly motorhomes like the Roadtrek E-Trek have even have adopted their own implementations which can provide 30 amps at 24 volts charging power on a sunny day.

Solar-powered RVs will help you stay at those remote locations you’re interested in traveling to, allowing you to stay longer without worrying about losing power. RV solar systems can help reduce generator use and cut costs while on the road. Who doesn’t like saving money?

Solar for RVs and Travel Trailers

This particular solar install was on an Airstream travel trailer. This Airstream came equipped from the factory with two 55 watt solar panels. The customer’s goal was to gain a larger power reserve at a faster charge rate for extended boon docking. We added one additional solar panel, two additional absorbed glass mat batteries (under the bed – not shown). In addition to the third solar panel and batteries, we swapped out the factory controller for an upgraded Zamp Solar Controller. We relocated the solar controller and installed a 12v outlet in place of the old controller. Check out photos below!

Airstream Solar Maintenance

When maintaining the solar panels for your Airstream or RV, make sure that you mind the structure and try to stay on the rivets/ribs. Do not go out near the caps. Most Airstream owners ill lean a ladder against the side of the unit and use a pair of foam “canoe carrier” pads. These pads are used for transporting canoes on top of your car, but they can come in handy when doing solar maintenance on your travel trailer. If you wedge the canoe pads between the ladder and the coach, your aluminum travel trailer will be perfectly protected while providing you stability on the ladder. Airstreams provide enough room for a solar trickle charge which can maximize the life of your battery.

How to Climb onto the roof of an Airstream Travel Trailer Solar Maintenance Seal Leaks


How to get on the Roof of an Airstream Travel Trailer Solar For Maintenance, Seal, Leaks, Caulk, Ladder.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about installing or adding solar to your trailer or motorhome please contact our parts department by visiting our contact page listed below.

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